I am turning sleeping legit all day tomorrow.

don’t even try calling me. it won’t even be worth it



I truly believe this is the nastiest shit in all of life

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- Wise words from Jody Highroller aka RiFF RAFF

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can my bathing suit come in please! I think I’m gonna order another one when I cash my check tomorrow seeing I have yet to cash my last two checks😒








Am I the only one who flushes the toilet before I start pissin so I can watch my pee go down a vortex?

Yes lol

nah bruh i do that

im bout to start.


I would…but I don’t get to have that much fun because I’m a girl😩

You better lift that leg up and aim that pussy

Stop limiting yourself

guy! I can’t even pee straight standing regular. there will be more pee around the toilet than in it. who’s cleaning that up? not I! I’m afraid I’m taking an L on this one