Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16

black! Excellence!

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The way he flips her over 😳 My Gawd I need that in my life


except I’m pretty sure he just killed someone in this scene

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babe. u still mad

I love this because it looks just like Jermar

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This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE

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your remains mixed with pebbles

gravel pieces by my feet

look what you did.

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Is it wrong that i am in love with this picture

Rihanna ; lord have mercy

Wifey 😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌

But like she has a nail in her nipple

I’d so get my nipples pierced but I’m too scared 😫

don’t be scared. it’s not bad at all

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pretty rainy mornings are my favorite


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the weeknders !

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Do you think it's weird that i'm a virgin but i'm so sexually frustrated? I think about the pleasure all the time. I'm defiantly ready, i'm not a virgin bc I wasn't/am not ready, it's because I don't wanna just give it up to just any nigga, I haven't found anyone that deserves it yet. Ugh so helpless... :(








That’s common my advice always is get a toy before you give your virginity to a fuck boy

Everyone say it with me 👐

"Get a toy before u give your virginity to a fuckboy"

Don’t get a toy wait you have someone to commit to you sex isn’t somthing to play with you gonna turn ur self into an addict don’t play with ur self

its completely natural and the safest form of sex

nigga on some “you not gon want me if you play with yourself”

im sure alot of teens got addicted to masturbating at some point in there life

some girls have commited sex and still masturbate so i dont even know what u tryna say right now

For your first sexual exsprecnce to be with a toy is unnatural you should separate sex from love thays bot what its for its for procreation beiing addicted to doing ur self isn’t a good thing and since we doing false quotes “Nigga is on some I’m stupid on purposes and fucked up my self so follow in my foot steps because misery loves company”

in what world do you live in do you think all sex happens when you’re in love with someone

everyone doesn’t share your same views

I’m living in the real world just because that happens doesn’t mean its right what world do you live in? I’m speaking the truth what you just wanna live a lie what has that gottwn us thinking sex if for fun? Its somthing you share with someone who you wanna make another human with if you don’t know that from the jump your gonna end up doing some stupid shit like selling pussy doing porn or catching a Std

I don’t understand how people still view sex in this way living in 2014